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Canadian School for Visual Analytics, 2013

An industry-university workshop

Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University

July 15-19, 2013

Big Data Analytics is a new field of research that aims to support decision makers in deriving actionable knowledge from Big Data sources, which include social media text, semi-structured records of maintenance and safety in large-scale manufacturing, customer relationship data, online social networks, and other sources of data relevant to business.

Dalhousie University is organizing a Three day Visual Analytics School aimed at students from across Canada, from July 15th-17th, followed by a two day workshop aimed to bring together key industry players in Atlantic Canada with two large companies (Boeing through its affiliate Aeroinfo Systems, and IBM Canada) and a critical mass of Canadian academics with expertise in the enabling technologies for Big Data Analytics to design an industry-relevant research agenda for Atlantic Canada, and promote networking among the participants towards future research partnerships.

Professor Daniel Keim, an international leader in the field of Visual Analytics, will participate in both the summer school and the partnerships workshop.

Location : Dalhousie Univertsity, Halifax, Nova Scotia