The Canadian Network for Visual Analytics (CANVAC) is a Canadian Not-for-profit Corporation that was incorporated May 10, 2012, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The purpose of CANVAC is to address the needs of a growing visual analytics (VA) research community in Canada by supporting the requirements of all VA stakeholders, i.e., researchers, developers and user organizations. CANVAC has the following goals:

  • To develop and assist in the development of visual analytics expertise in Canada.
  • To facilitate and promote research conducted in the field of visual analytics.
  • To support and promote education and training in visual analytics in academia and industry.
  • To promote and represent the Canadian visual analytics community internationally.

CANVAC members include Canadian universities that are pioneering VA research, as well as related government research agencies and industrial research organizations. Founding academic members, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Dalhousie University, have been joined by the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, York University, OCAD University and University of New Brunswick; with others anticipated to join soon.

Industry partners include Canadian corporations that are designing, developing and deploying VA solutions, as well as consortia of companies built around specific industry sectors, e.g., aerospace, safety & security, healthcare, telecommunications and transportation.

CANVAC also represents the Canadian VA community in its communication and collaboration with other similar international Visual Analytics organizations, e.g.,  NVAC in the United States, UKVAC in England, BRAVA in Brazil and VisMaster in the EU.

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